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UPP Volunteers

The Ujima People’s Progress Party (UPP) is a grassroots effort and we want the community to help make it the real people’s party! Helping to make history can be as easy as one, two, three! We have three ways in which folks can help build the UPP. Depending on the amount of time you have to give, we have 3 suggestions you can take to make this a reality.

Our goal is 15,000 signatures to earn state party status!

Every week we go throughout the state to outreach to the community about our campaign. We distribute literature, canvass for petition signatures and build relationships with community people to build the party. Outreach participants are given petition gathering training and work in outreach teams to mentor new volunteers.

  1. Monthly

    Membership Levels
  2. Annual

    Membership Levels
  3. Circulate the Petition!
  4. Join the Organizing Committee!