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UPP Volunteers

The Ujima People’s Progress Party (UPP) is a movement organized to build a 365-day of the year people’s party! We are independent and we are grassroots!

We do not receive support from corporations, grants or wealthy backers. The UPP is a Black, working class-led, mass party – organizing to build both a community based network of organizers, activists, students, union members and concerned citizens, with an objective to become a statewide electoral party for those candidates whose fight for social and economic justice is their sole objective!

We need your support to achieve our mission! We call on the community to help the party as either active or contributing members, and to also help start chapters in every county of the state. We need to create a network in every community that is willing to work to change all the issues that confront our community and working people!

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Donations can be made either monthly or annually below, you will be added to our weekly newsletter round up (The People's Progress Report):

Our Goals

  1. Raise $15,000 to launch paid summer internship program for youth from the community to gain 10,000 signatures to earn state party status!
  2. Build party chapters and infrastructure in every county to help support the effort of local activists to implement grassroot campaigns.
  3. Circulate the official state petition to help gain ballot status statewide! Sign and return to our PO Box on this site.